Last updated on 2020-07-03


This documentation applies primarily to Turris OS version 4.0 and newer. You might still be running Turris OS 3 and in that case you can find old official documentation on community wiki. More info about Turris OS versions can also be found here.

What is Turris project?

Turris project encompasses both software and hardware development efforts aiming to provide open and secure routers. Devices that can be truly yours and you can trust in.


Our devices come with open source firmware. You can check what is running on your router line-by-line, see what we changed or you can even contribute yourself. All sources are available on our GitLab. You get full root account on your device and you can do whatever you want with it. We are not locking you out.

Apart from software, you’ll get full schematics for your device so you can check out how we put it together.


We consider security as one of our main focus areas.

Safe defaults

First step in security is setting up your unique password. Therefore we don’t enable internet connection unless user sets a password. We don’t provide any defaults and you have to come with your own. We also encourage protecting your Wi-Fi with a password and we provide you with an easy way to create separate network for devices you don’t trust. Last but not least, our devices come with DNSSEC validation enabled by default.


No software is ever perfect. To keep up with a new security standards and to fix existing bugs and vulnerabilities, you need your router up to date all the time. We provide updates for all our devices to fix discovered issues but also to provide new features. Those updates can be even installed automatically.

Data collection

To take things further, we provide an easy way to participate in our security research by collecting firewall logs and also information about other attack attempts. This data is analyzed, outputs are shared with security community and firewall on your router is updated with blacklist based on our findings to keep even your open services more secure.